Book Haul January 15 2015–Part 1


Going to bookstores is a favorite pastime, you never know what you will find and sometimes it feels like fate has passed a book into your hands.

First off, I found this Indian Art survey by Phaidon. This publisher does a great job in collecting art examples for the reader to enjoy. I had wanted to take a class on Eastern art but my university did not offer one, so this looks like a great alternative. It features sculpture, architecture, paintings and jewelry. I also appreciate that it is a medium size volume that is easy to hold, many art books are huge and heavy.

Second, I found The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson. This volume includes 1,775 Dickinson poems, quite many not included in a selected poem books. Despite her diminutive appearance, she possesses a powerful mind with a steely vision, she takes aim at her subject and the resulting poems are stunning. I am fond of her even if I shall never know her because behind her lace delicate language, you find incredible strength and resilience. She took the tragedy of death and with her wonderful talent found beauty, peace and solace. The introduction reminded me of something that had happened in a poetry writing class I had taken. Each of us would present a poem and the rest of us would provide commentary. I remember that I suggested to a girl in my class that she should allow her poem to “breathe.” This comment was met by furrowed brows and tilted heads around the room. I had no means to explain further as it seems so fundamental and essential. I recoiled in embarrassment and kept my thoughts to myself for the rest of the class. Well, the first line on the second paragraph on the first page of the introduction reads:

“Emily Dickinson, then thirty-one years old, was writing a professional man of letters to inquire whether her verses “breathed.”

Finally, someone understands what I am talking about! Thank you Emily Dickinson.


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