Elizabeth Taylor

BIL Elizabeth TaylorLooking her very best in this fabulous gold dress! A few months ago I was filling out a survey and one question was: “What is your long term goal?” I answered: “To be more like Elizabeth Taylor.” She is a woman with wonderful heart, I admire her great courage and humanitarianism. She never lost her sense of self in the Hollywood whirlwind and that is a testament to her character. Her talent as an actress is underestimated, her performance as Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is incredible and one of my all time favorites. She is a true survivor and a lovely lady.

Bon Voyage!

To begin my journey as a blog writer, I would like to use this first post as a champagne bottle to burst upon a new beginning, and who better than Greta Garbo to represent the glamour  portion of the blog.

Photo credit: John Bainbridge's illustrated bio Garbo (1971).

Photo credit: John Bainbridge’s illustrated bio Garbo (1971).

Happy December 17th,